Hey everyone, in the past few weeks, there has been a significant increase in people contacting me about entities within their homes, and how to remove said entity yourself. While I feel that everyone has their power within them, and people can indeed learn how to do exorcisms and intense house cleansings over time, I do not recommend people who do not already know how to do this to try and remove an entity themselves. When it comes to your family and pets’ safety, you do not want to mess around with a negative entity and make things even worse! I often am called in *after* someone tried to cleanse their home themselves, and things just went from bad to worse, especially concerning attacks on children and animals. I feel that everyone should be able to do these things, but until you have a very strong connection with your Guides and Guardians (do you even know who your Guides and Guardians are?), you need to bring a professional holy person in to do the job. And this can be someone from your own faith–it does not have to be a professional psychic. As the veils are thinning because we near Samhain, things are going to escalate concerning the supernatural activities. I only do cleansings in person–I do not do astral cleansings, as I have found that they do not work but for a short time, and it also puts me more at risk than if I were in the home in person. So if you are not in the Denver metro area and cannot have me come do the cleansings, I would be happy to help you try and find someone near you to do the job.