For a while now, I have struggled with being a business owner and a pagan in a capitalistic society that has our current economic issues. On the one hand, economists say that we are at an all-time high, while reports state that 40% of Americans struggle to have food in their homes. My various readings that I do for myself concerning this economy does NOT match what the economists are saying. I have a business, but I also have my morals and ethics, and they often do not mesh well in this capitalistic society that only values money. I have set prices for my various services, which are based on the standard rates of psychics in the Denver Metro area who own their own businessĀ (I am actually right in the middle of the rates for psychics in this area that have their own building and business). I am a single mom, raising her daughter in a very expensive area, but one that offers many opportunities for us both that we would not have in many other areas in this country. I have bills, and I have to buy food, just like everyone else. And yet I also feel that my services can help people get out of a bad situation: I want to help everyone, not just the 1%. I am a pagan, and that is a very communal mindset. In ancient times, I would have been taken care of by my Tribe, in exchange for the various services I would provide. Nothing was free–instead, it was an exchange of energy (this is especially going out to those pagans who give me crap for even charging fees for my readings–yes, I have a gift, and yet I still have bills. Do you ask your doctors to not charge anything? Lawyers? What about any musician or sports figure?).

I stopped doing free readings a few years ago because people simply do not value anything that is free (plus it was an imbalance of energy, where I was giving so much of myself and wearing myself out–very unhealthy). People would come back again and again, asking the same questions. The cards would say the same thing, and they would not do anything to change their situation or heed my advice. It was a waste of time and energy. This is because in a capitalistic society, we are raised to believe that anything free does not have value. People who pay for my services absolutely value them. IĀ  understand that we are in a difficult time right now in our economy, where people are really struggling, and I want to help those who really need it. There are a few things that you can do if you are in this situation.

  1. You can stop at my table when I am set up at First Friday Art Walk on Tennyson Street in Denver. I charge significantly less there than I do in my office–$20 for 15 minutes. Make sure that you let me know at the beginning that you have something difficult that you are working with right now, so we can use your 15 minutes to get the answers. (and no, you are not going to monopolize my time, in order to get a really cheap hour of reading–I have had people try to do this. I will only do one 15 minute reading, as I usually have other people waiting in line).
  2. Come to my classes rather than do a private class or reading–I have SO many classes because I am a teacher, and I look at what people can truly gain from my instructions. My classes are much cheaper than a reading because you do have to deal with anyone else who shows up to class. But that often makes the class more interesting, so that we can have various opinions on things. Yes, it may be someone you do not know, but I have had classes really bond, and you may have found a true friend! And just a little secret (which I guess this isn’t a secret if I am writing it on my website), all of my classes are at a discount through the month of June–that is my services sale for that month. So take advantage of these sales next month and come to that class you have been wanting to attend!
  3. Trade–I have been doing this for years on the side with my friends and some of my clients, but I will let you all know of it. If you have something that I could use (either a service or product), and you are really needing a reading or Reiki for some clarity (or a spell kit, oil, or any of my other products), then just message me to see if we could do a trade. If you have an amazing crystal that is equal in value to one of my readings or Reiki sessions, then just let me know. Maybe you have an abundant garden with a lot of produce, or maybe you have gift cards to various stores or gas stations–just contact me. Unfortunately, I cannot take any livestock! This would really be the pagan, ancient ways of doing things, but I simply don’t have the space or the know-how for cows, chickens, or whatnot! I already have a massage therapist, a dog sitter, and other clients and friends who trade with me, but maybe you have something that I could use–who knows! Like I stated above, I really want to help people, and yet there needs to be an exchange. And to those of you who are doing just fine–fantastic! Let’s keep it going with the cash in exchange for insight! But for those of you who are needing guidance but are really strapped, just let me know and we can work something out. And just a side note about any trades–this is still considered a regular appointment, so don’t feel that you can just not show up or skip a phone reading, and it not be a big deal. My time is very precious to me, so I do charge people cancellation fees if they just stand me up or cancel 10 minutes before their appointment. Trade does not make it any less valuable is what I am saying, so treat it like you are indeed paying me the full price!

I hope this gives everyone some options when you are feeling overwhelmed and backed against a wall–know that I will help you however I can.

Many blessings of abundance to you all,