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June 2019

Kansas City Tour!


Hey folks, I will be doing readings and classes at Crescent Springs metaphysical shop in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as private readings and classes in Kansas City, Missouri between Thursday, July 18- Sunday, July 21st. So contact me to set up an appointment!

June Sales!

Midsummer hand drawn ettering

Happy June, everyone! I have some sizzling sales for this Midsummer heat that is coming to us this month (June 1-30). This year, Midsummer (the Summer equinox) is Friday, June 21st, and this is a powerful time for balance within your life in all aspects because it is the balancing of light and dark upon our planet. Hopefully these sales will help you to attain stability and harmony!

Pendulums: All of my pendulums are on sale this month, and each are $10. Some are wooden and some are crystals, and it is a first come, first served, and these are all of the pendulums I have on hand for right now. Pendulums can be very handy oracle tools, where they can answer simple yes/no questions, or you can use them with various pendulum books for more detailed information. And I can mail a pendulum to you if you are not in the Denver Metro area–you just have to contact me to see what I have left. There will be the additional postage added on.


Spell Kits: My Justice spell kits are on sale at $10 each. This spell kit is helpful in sending positive energy towards any court cases or legal matters you may be dealing with. The spell is written on the back, and you simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then burn the spell kit in some type of fire (if you just hold it over a single flame, such as a candle, the herbs and resins just start falling out slowly). I put specific herbs and resins in the envelope to enhance this energy, anointed the envelope with my Dragon’s Descent oil, and sealed it with wax and a magic symbol. I also have charged these spell kits with Reiki energy!


Oils: The two oils that are on sale this month are my Dragon’s Descent and Priestess Oils: buy one, get one half off. So, $15 for 2 oils, and you can either get two of the same or one of each! You can put these oils on candles, yourself, or in a bath to draw these energies to you. Dragon’s Descent helps you to connect with Dragon energy (and you can also use it for legal matters–Dragons are pretty helpful concerning these). The Priestess oil is a nice, simple oil that is useful for any phase of the moon, as well as any ritual you may be conducting.


Services: Throughout this month, all of my classes are on sale! This includes both the 1 hour Basic classes ($15 per person) and the 2 hour workshops ($35 per person). I have some of my most popular classes, as well as some new classes each Saturday, so bring a friend and join me for some classes! All classes are held in my office on Saturdays. It would be helpful for me if you at least let me know you were planning to attend any of the classes, so I have an idea of how many people to look for that day (my office locks the front doors on the weekends, so I need to let people into the building). You can read the descriptions of each class on my Andarta page on Facebook.

  1. Basic Astrology, June 1, 10-11 am
  2. Basic Tarot, June 1, 2-3 pm
  3. Goddesses of Love and Beauty, June 8, 10 am-12 pm
  4. Basic Meditation, June 15, 10-11 am
  5. Basic Dreamwork, June 15, 2-3 pm
  6. Past Life Regression Workshop, June 22, 10 am- 12 pm
  7. Basic Crystals, June 29, 10-11 am
  8. Basic Ritualcraft, June 29, 2-3 pm

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