Happy New Year’s everyone! at your I hope that your New Year’s was fun-filled, and you were surrounded with those whom you love! As January is the new beginning of the year, this month’s sales will be all about new beginnings and fresh starts. If you are wanting to pick up any of the products, just email or message me when you want to do so, and if you want them mailed to you, just let me know.

Oils: Lightning Changes and Inspiration oils are buy one, get one half off. So, $15 for 2 oils, and you can either get two of the same or one of each! You can put these oils on candles, yourself, or in a bath to draw these energies to you. Lightning Changes helps you to focus and quicken that which you want to bring to you as quickly as possible, and Inspiration gives you the mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation to create new ideas for whatever projects or work you are working upon.



Spell Kits: This month, my New Beginnings/Quick Movement Spell kits are on sale for $10 each!  This spell kit is helpful to quicken anything new that you are wanting in your life, whether it be a new job, new home, or new relationship. The spell is written on the back, and you simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then burn the spell kit in some type of fire (if you just hold it over a single flame, such as a candle, the herbs and resins just start falling out slowly). I put specific herbs and resins in both of the envelopes to enhance their energies, and I anointed the envelope with my Lightning Changes oil, and sealed it with wax and a magic symbol. I also have charged these spell kits with Reiki energy!

Pendulums: All of my pendulums are on sale this month to help you make decisions faster and more efficient, and each are $10. Some are wooden and some are crystals, and it is a first come, first served, and these are all of the pendulums I have on hand for right now. Pendulums can be very handy oracle tools, where they can answer simple yes/no questions, or you can use them with various pendulum books for more detailed information. And I can mail a pendulum to you if you are not in the Denver Metro area–you just have to contact me to see what I have left. There will be the additional postage added on.48424463_1612754782201815_2943776108006342656_o

Services: My Wheel of the Year readings, which look at each month of your next year, will be on sale throughout the month of January. A 30 minute reading is on sale for $65, and one hour is $125. Everyone is encouraged to take notes and/or record the sessions, in order for you to have this month to month outline for what you are expecting in 2020. And I enjoy hearing from everyone throughout the year as to how the reading turns out!

If you are wanting to cleanse your home of negative energies, my Household Magick class will be on Saturday, January 11th, from 10:00-12:00. Start off your new year with a house free of negative energy! This class is offered only once a year, so make sure to come and learn how to cleanse your home from a psychic that does regular house cleansings throughout the Denver Metro area! Many of us would wish for a magical household, such as the Weasley abode in the Harry Potter series, with magical brooms and self-cleaning pots and pans. While that form of magical home resides within fiction, there are many magickal practices that you can perform to ensure a happy and safe household, regardless of whether you live in a house or apartment. Join Andarta for a class on household magick! Learn how to put protective wards and webs around your home, explore magickal cooking, as well as the spiritual aspects of gardening. The class costs $50 per person. Make sure to bring something to bring for note-taking, as well as a special stone or candle to charge for your own household.

Psychic Healers of Avalon is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 120, Broomfield, CO 80020. Phone number is 580-430-1015 and email is