Happy October, everyone! I am so excited for Autumn, and the cooler weather that is coming our way! Fallen leaves, pumpkin carving, and Halloween celebrations are all my favorite activities that I wait for all year long! 

Spell Kits: This month, my Protection Spell kits are on sale for $10 each!  This spell kit is helpful during this time of year when the veils are thin, and spirits roam the earth. This puts positive protection energy through your home to ensure that nothing negative comes into your living space. The spell is written on the back, and you simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then burn the spell kit in some type of fire (if you just hold it over a single flame, such as a candle, the herbs and resins just start falling out slowly). I put specific herbs and resins in both of the envelopes to enhance their energies, and I anointed the envelope with my own Protection of Bran oil, and sealed it with wax and a magic symbol. I also have charged these spell kits with Reiki energy!

Oils: The two oils that are on sale this month are Cerridwen’s Cauldron and Protection of Bran: buy one, get one half off. So, $15 for 2 oils, and you can either get two of the same or one of each! You can put these oils on candles, yourself, or in a bath to draw these energies to you. Cerridwen is the Welsh goddess of fate and the underworld, and this oil helps you to have visions when you are doing any psychic work. Bran is the Welsh god of war and protection of the country and home, and this oil is helpful to anoint your home, yourself, car, or anything else that you want to have more protection.


Pendulums: All of my pendulums are on sale this month to help you make decisions faster and more efficient, and each are $10. Some are wooden and some are crystals, and it is a first come, first served, and these are all of the pendulums I have on hand for right now. Pendulums can be very handy oracle tools, where they can answer simple yes/no questions, or you can use them with various pendulum books for more detailed information. And I can mail a pendulum to you if you are not in the Denver Metro area–you just have to contact me to see what I have left. There will be the additional postage added on.


Services: My service on sale this month is my Ancestor Magick class, which you simply schedule an hour appointment with me during my office hours some time during the month of October. We can do this class in person with masks or through video chat. This hour class is all about working with your Ancestors during Samhain, and how to create an ancestor altar. Feel free to bring any pictures or objects of any of your loved ones who have crossed over, as well as a note book. Cost is $40 per person.


Psychic Healers of Avalon is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 120, Broomfield, CO 80020. Phone number is 580-430-1015 and email is andarta2@yahoo.com.