Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope that your New Year’s was fun-filled, and you were surrounded with those whom you love! As January is the new beginning of the year, this month’s sales will be all about new beginnings and fresh starts. If you are wanting to pick up any of the products, just email or message me when you want to do so, and if you want them mailed to you, just let me know.

Oils: Lightning Changes and Inspiration oils are buy one, get one half off. So, $25 for 2 oils, and you can either get two of the same or one of each! You can put these oils on candles, yourself, or in a bath to draw these energies to you. Lightning Changes helps you to focus and quicken that which you want to bring to you as quickly as possible, and Inspiration gives you the mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation to create new ideas for whatever projects or work you are working upon.


Spell Kits: This month, my New Beginnings/Quick Movement Spell kits are on sale for $10 each!  This spell kit is helpful to quicken anything new that you are wanting in your life, whether it be a new job, new home, or new relationship. The spell is written on the back, and you simply read the spell 3 or 9 times, and then burn the spell kit in some type of fire (if you just hold it over a single flame, such as a candle, the herbs and resins just start falling out slowly). I put specific herbs and resins in both of the envelopes to enhance their energies, and I anointed the envelope with my Lightning Changes oil, and sealed it with wax and a magic symbol. I also have charged these spell kits with Reiki energy!

Services: My Wheel of the Year readings, which look at each month of your next year, will be on sale throughout the month of January. A 30 minute reading is on sale for $65, and one hour is $120. Everyone is encouraged to take notes and/or record the sessions, in order for you to have this month to month outline for what you are expecting in 2022. And I enjoy hearing from everyone throughout the year as to how the reading turns out!

Classes: I am starting to offer the first class in my Manifest Your Higher Self series: At the beginning of 2020, I had created a three-part series of classes called Manifest Your Higher Self, which I was super excited to hold in the office starting in May…and then Covid hit, and I was never able to hold these workshops because I stopped having Saturday classes which allowed for anyone to come. These originally were 4 hour workshops. As I do not feel that I will be having in-person long workshops in the office anytime in the near future, I restructured them to have three levels, 6 classes in total, one hour long each, so we can do them through video chats! And I think January would be a fantastic time for people to sign up for their personal classes, just in time to really work on your spiritual growth. They are taught in order as follows:

Level One–Body:  

-Class 1 focuses on the magic of food and the spiritual energies they hold. How are food and spirit connected? We will also look at the benefits of all movement–yoga, dancing, and other physical activities–all to energize your body!       

-Class 2 focuses on herbs, vitamins, and their healing properties. We will also discuss the specific crystals and candles to help your own body heal, protect, and detox.

Level Two–Mind:       

Class 3 shifts our attention to how your body and mind are interconnected through meditation, as well as dreamwork. What do your meditations and dreams teach you about your mind and body? What might you be hiding deep within your mind that needs to be worked out, in order to progress on your spiritual journey?

-Class 4 concerns astrology, and how the sun, moon, and stars affects your mind and body. How can you connect your mind and body through a study on these astrological events? We will look at your basic charts, and what you might need to work on for both your mental and physical health.

Level Three–Spirit:  

-Class 5 then shifts from the body and mind to spirit, and specifically looks at your past lives and Akashic records. What do you need to know about your soul’s memories that will help you to fix any karmic debt? What bodies and minds have you been before that your spirit should remember and learn from for your evolution?

-Class 6 focuses on shielding and aura magic, as well as astral projection and advanced astral travel, in order to access your Higher Self! We will look at ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides that are external from you, in order that you can reach deep within to your Authentic Self!

If you sign up for one class a month, they will be $50 each, and if you do two a month, it will be $45 per class. You can work at your own pace, as spiritual growth is not a race at all!

Psychic Healers of Avalon is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 120, Broomfield, CO 80020. Phone number is 580-430-1015 and email is andarta2@yahoo.com.