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Andarta is a professional psychic who performs tarot and oracle card readings, past life regressions, shamanic journey work, and Reiki healing. Andarta is an Empath who can sense people’s feelings, as well as a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, to hear and see any messages that people need to know. She is a Reiki Master who heals people with Reiki energy, as well as teaches Reiki classes. She also is a high priestess who performs legal handfastings and weddings, and is a Priestess of Avalon, who helps the land and the people to heal. She is a Druid, and a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD). One of her crafts is to create anointing oils, which are used for ritual purposes, simple candle magic, and with some oils, can be used as a perfume and bath oil. Andarta makes envelope spell kits that are used for various types of spells. She also performs various rituals and spells, such as house cleansings and protection spells. She performs Reiki healing to humans and animals. And Andarta is also an English professor who holds a Masters in Composition and Rhetoric, and a Doctorate in Medieval Literature, utilizing her knowledge of ancient languages and the Arthurian legends in her Magickal Writing classes.



I have done a bunch of events recently, and I have had a lot of people ask me various questions about what I do and who I am exactly, so I thought this might be helpful for everyone:

  • Am I a medium? Not in the traditional spiritualist movement sense- -I don’t do gallery readings like John Edwards. But if I am doing a reading for you and someone comes through, or if you have a question for them, I can ask. I have lived with spirits around me since I was born, so it is not unusual for spirits to make themselves known.
  • Are there any questions that you should not/cannot ask me to get information? From past experience, I will shut down a reading if someone is trying to get information about another person, in order to harm them in some way. I am bound by oaths that prevent me from harming another person, so I will NOT help someone find a person that they are meaning to harm. This also goes for finding objects to steal (I have done readings for people to help them find lost and stolen objects before, so that is fine).
  • Can you ask about money or finances? Absolutely! Being a Capricorn, finances and specifically helping people to build their own business or find a new career is a specialty of mine. One thing I do not do, and this is simply out of preference, is to help people with the stock market. And this isn’t necessary a stime against it, but it gives me a wicked headache, and it feels like my brains are going to ooze out of my ears when someone asks me about 6 weeks of stock exchange, checking on the percentages of morning, noon, and night–yeah, no thanks. I have been told I am 95% accurate with these types of readings, but oh well–not interested.
  • Can you ask questions/have a reading concerning politics? No, I will not do readings concerning politics, especially large elections because there are too many variables that can affect things. Each reading is concerning a certain energy, and the more people that can influence that energy, the more difficult it is to get a direct answer. Plus there are outside influences which can skew an election.
  • Do I have a certain type of clientele? No, I have people from all walks of life get readings and come to classes. I have clients and students in the poverty level all the way up to people who have millions of dollars. I am completely confidential with every single client and student. And I charge the same, regardless of what their socio-economic position is, and if someone cannot afford the regular rates, I always can do short readings to answer specific questions.
  • Can you record the reading? You are welcome to try, although technology and I are not the best of friends (I tend to fry electronics). But I always encourage people to record and/or take notes during the readings because I do not remember what I say in a reading. I occasionally have people message me a day or two (or weeks!) after a reading to ask me about a card, and if it wasn’t written down or at least have a picture taken of the spread, then I am of no help. The information that I channel is not my own, so I do not retain said information.