Andarta has been teaching pagan and magick classes for over 23 years, and she has also been teaching English classes at the college level for 17 years. Her style of teaching incorporates one-on-one mentoring, as well as coaching her students on the various skills they are increasing.

Here is a list of various classes and workshops that I teach throughout the Denver Metro area, as well as through video classes. You can simply schedule a time with me to take any or all of these classes! All classes are 1 hour long and cost $50.

Cape Black and White

Andarta has been a High Priestess and Druidess who works with various ancient goddesses for almost 30 years. She is currently working on a two-part book series on ancient goddesses, and these classes are directly coming from her studies and writings!

Goddesses of Love, Sexuality, and Beauty

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Learn how to love and pamper yourself through honoring the many goddesses of Love and Beauty! Join Andarta for her fourth goddess class, this one concerning these feminine deities of love and beauty. Aphrodite, Isis, and Parvati are just a few of the ancient goddesses we will be examining, in order for you to learn how to work with them in your own life!

Goddesses of Peace

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Join Andarta for this class on various goddesses around the world, specifically concerning the Goddesses of Peace, Harmony, and Happiness! Learn about these various deities and how to work with them in your own lives. 

Goddesses of Justice

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Learn about the different ancient Goddesses of Justices from around the world, as well as how to honor and work with them for any injustices in your life! Dike, Ma’at, and Var are just a few of the goddesses that we will discuss in this class, and we will also have a ritual invoking these ancient goddesses

Goddesses of War

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This class will examine some of the goddesses of war found throughout the world in various cultures, and how to work with them. The Morrighan, Athena, and Anat are but a few of the goddesses we will examine, and I have been working with these goddesses of war for 24 years. We will have a meditation, so you are welcome to bring your own pillow or blanket. 

Manifest Your Higher Self Six Part Class

Many of us are searching for ways to evolve to our higher selves, in order to feel more whole, balanced, and with a clearer vision of where our life’s journey should take us. Learn how to start, or continue on your path of personal growth that you have already begun, with Andarta, a Professional Psychic, a High Priestess of Avalon, a Druid within the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and Reiki Master. This is a holistic approach to your personal growth, for we cannot compartmentalize our “Selves” and expect them to evolve separately. Each class is 1 hour long, and they go in consecutive order.

Level One–Body:  

-Class 1 focuses on the magic of food and the spiritual energies they hold. How are food and spirit connected? We will also look at the benefits of all movement–yoga, dancing, and other physical activities–all to energize your body!     

-Class 2 focuses on herbs, vitamins, and their healing properties. We will also discuss the specific crystals and candles to help your own body heal, protect, and detox.

Level Two–Mind:     

 –Class 3 shifts our attention to how your body and mind are interconnected through meditation, as well as dreamwork. What do your meditations and dreams teach you about your mind and body? What might you be hiding deep within your mind that needs to be worked out, in order to progress on your spiritual journey?

-Class 4 concerns astrology, and how the sun, moon, and stars affects your mind and body. How can you connect your mind and body through a study on these astrological events? We will look at your basic charts, and what you might need to work on for both your mental and physical health.

Level Three–Spirit:  

-Class 5 then shifts from the body and mind to spirit, and specifically looks at your past lives and Akashic records. What do you need to know about your soul’s memories that will help you to fix any karmic debt? What bodies and minds have you been before that your spirit should remember and learn from for your evolution?
-Class 6 focuses on shielding and aura magic, as well as astral projection and advanced astral travel, in order to access your Higher Self! We will look at ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides that are external from you, in order that you can reach deep within to your Authentic Self!

Candle Magick


Does the color or size of the candle matter when doing candle magic? We will discuss this in-depth, as well as the importance of annointing the candle with specific oils. We will also discuss the pros and cons of using a pre-blessed, bought candle from a store or online. Feel free to bring a journal and pen for notes!

Basic Meditation


If you have always wanted to learn how to meditate, or you want to know the various benefits of meditation, join Andarta for this 1 hour class. Feel free to bring your own pillow and/or blanket.

Ritual Craft


If you have always wanted to know how to cast a spell or create a magick circle, join Andarta for this basic class on ritual craft! Andarta has been a witch for over 25 years, and she will show you how to do the basics! Make sure to bring a journal!

Crystal Grid Magick


If you are wanting to learn how to create a crystal grid in your home, what they are for, and how to maintain them, join Andarta for this basic class on crystal grids! Feel free to bring any crystals you may have.

Basic Tarot


If you have always wanted to learn how to read tarot cards for yourself or others, join Andarta for this 1 hour class on tarot! Bring whichever deck you may have.

Crystal Magick


Learn the basic healing properties of various crystals and stones with Andarta! Feel free to bring any of your own crystals and rocks to discuss and share with the class. We will look at crystals, stones, and minerals that would be most beneficial in your life!

Oracle Tools


Learn how to use the pendulum, oracle cards, runes, and more to connect with your Spirit Guides, in order to receive Their messages–bring whatever oracle tools you have!

Altar Magick


We will discuss the importance of altars, what you should have on your personal altars, as well as where the altars should be located. We will briefly examine the historical and political significance of pagan altars, as well as astral altars versus physical altars. Feel free to bring any altar items.

Money and Career Magick


If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and you really want to make your money grow, join Andarta for this class on money. Whether it be looking for a new job or getting a raise in the job you are currently in, you have the power to make more money! Make sure to bring a journal, as well as a green candle. Do you work with difficult co-workers or employers? Do you think you deserve more money for the hard work that you perform? Or are you looking for a new job altogether? Life is entirely too short to work in a job that you hate or spend 40 hours a week with people you do not enjoy being around. There are endless amounts of research done to prove how unhappiness in the workplace results in depression, anxiety, and sicknesses that are physical manifestations of that unhappiness. Learn how to alter your working life for the better

Ostara Magick

Join Andarta for this class and ritual concerning Ostara, the Spring Equinox! Learn how to plant the seeds of growth within your own life, as well as how to prepare for warmer weather!

Mabon Magick


Join Andarta for a class and ritual for Mabon, the second harvest! We will discuss the significance of this sabbat, have a meditation, as well as perform a ritual for this sacred Fall Equinox. Please bring some flowers or a crystal for an offering. You must pre-register for this class–no walk-ins for this class.

Samhain Magick


This class will be a ritual-based event, where you learn about Samhain, and then we will practice a short ritual for you to learn how to do this. We will be working with our ancestors, so feel free to bring a picture of a loved one who has crossed over.

Sewing Magick


Learn how you can make magick while sewing! Whether you are a beginner or advanced in sewing, Andarta will teach you how to create energy in all different forms of sewing, such as crocheting, cross-stitching, weaving, and even making clothing. Bring whatever project you are working on, or if you don’t have a current sewing project, register for the class and let her know by the day before, and she can bring a small sewing project which will be included in the price of the class.

Banishing Magick

If you have someone in your life that you have tried to remove by all mundane ways, and they just won’t go away, or if you have an aspect of yourself that you need to release, join Andarta for this class on Banishing Magick. Make sure to bring a black or white candle, and a journal.

Hallowquest Class Series 


Learn the tarot, the Arthurian Legends, as well as the Druidic cycle of the year, with Andarta! King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have been captivating people for centuries, and the mystical realm of Avalon holds many secrets for which many have searched. Andarta holds a PhD in Medieval Literature, having taught the Arthurian Legends at the university level for 12 years, and she also is a druid of Avalon and uses her psychic skills to help people and the land to heal.

This is a 16 week course to get through half of the Hallowquest studies. You will need to purchase the Arthurian Tarot kit by Caitlin and John Matthews beforehand. We will do weekly emails for the lessons, and once a month, we will have either an in-person (if you are in the Denver Metro area), or over the phone 30 discussion/check in/class. This will allow you to work at your own pace and with your own schedule, as well as not having to come to the office for classes. The cost is $300 for this 16 week course.


Basic Magickal Elements: Five Part Class


Earth is associated with ancestors, all things growing on the earth, and four legged creatures. We will continue the five part series with the element which comes in the form of dirt and mountains that can help to ground ourselves but also keep us stuck in certain situations. We will look at the direction, time of year, and various Guides which are associated with Earth to have a better understanding of this element. Please bring a small sample of dirt or a rock from the area that you live.


Water is associated with emotions and relationships. We will start the five part series of Basic Magickal Elements with the liquid element that can both inspire love and fear. We will look at the direction, time of year, and various Guides which are associated with Water to have a better understanding of this element. Please bring a small sample of the water near your home, whether it be tap water or from a lake or creek.


Air is associated with inspiration, wisdom, and all winged creatures. The third of the five part series harkens in the form of winds of change, but it can also be a very flighty and unstable element. We will look at the direction, time of year, and various Guides which are associated with Air to have a better understanding of this element. Please bring a wind instrument or a feather that calls to you.


Fire is associated with passion, warriors, and lizards. The fourth of the elements blazes us with courage, but the passionate feelings of love or rage can consume us. What we learn from this element is how to be the Phoenix that rises from its own ashes. We will look at the direction, time of year, and various Guides which are associated with Fire to have a better understanding of this element. Please bring your favorite candle holder and a candle to be anointed.


Spirit is the most difficult element to comprehend, and yet it is associated with timelessness, all things astral, and the Divine. This final element of the series comes in the form of the cauldron, the yin and yang symbol, and connects us to the other four elements. Yet we also have to have Spirit when working with the other four elements in order to be balanced and whole. We will look at the direction, times of the year, and various Guides which are associated with Spirit to have a better understanding of this element.

Animal Magick 


Which animal are you drawn to (or that is drawn to you!)? Join Andarta to discuss the meanings of the different animals, as well as how animal Guides/Totems can help you as opposed to other types of Guides. Feel free to bring an object which represents your Animal Guide. We will also be discussing how to do Animal Reiki, as well as how to work with your pets for Magickal purposes.

Brighid of the Flame

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Join Andarta for a class and short ritual for the Celtic Goddess Brighid. Learn how Brighid can inspire you in your various crafts and arts, as well as bring protection and healing to your home. Brighid, the Celtic Goddess of the Hearth, Wells, and Craftsmanship, will be discussed and honored in an Imbolc ritual.

Love Magick


Are you searching for that special someone to be in your life? Have you been married for years and are wanting to rekindle the passion between you and your partner? Join Andarta to learn the various types of love magick and how to use them! We will discuss why we do not cast love spells on specific people, but instead use the love magic that we can do to draw love into our lives. We will examine the difference between love versus lust spells, various deities that one can work with, as well as fertility magic. Make sure to bring something with which to take notes. You are welcome to bring a red votive candle for the beginning of a 12 day love spell.

 Justice Magick


Is there an injustice in your life? Do you have a court case that you wish you ensure you win? Are you tired of so much unfairness within the world?  This is for anyone who is going through a divorce or court case, as well as anyone who has any injustices in their lives to fix. I will also be talking about the training I received from Starhawk concerning leading protests, and I will also talk about being an environmental activist for years.

Reiki I Class and Attunement


Reiki is a non-touch form of energy healing that helps to align your chakras and expel negative energies held within your body. You can use Reiki on yourself, others, and even pets! This Level One class is $200 per person, and at the end of the class, you will be attuned in order to do Reiki yourself!

Transformation Magick


Are you ready to transform yourself into the new you at New Year’s? Are you ready to shed the ashes of this past year to create a positive alteration in your life? Join Andarta for a class which will work with the moon energy to help you shift your ways of being into that person you really want to be–your TRUE self!

Magickal Writing


Join Andarta for an in-depth look at the power of writing in your spiritual, as well as mundane life! There will be a brief discussion over the written word throughout history, and then an analysis of various power symbols and their uses in various spells. We will discuss the therapeutic value of free writing (also known as speed writing), and the importance of journaling dreams and visions. We will complete the class with a discussion over the importance of the Book of Shadows and have various writing exercises to help you in your daily life!

Faerie Magick


Fairies, Tuatha De Danann, Brownies, Pixies….most cultures throughout the world acknowledge some form of supernatural entity known as the Fae. Yet there are many misconceptions surrounding these beings, both in who they are and how to interact with them. May Day, Midsummer, and Samhain are the three holidays that are usually associated with the Fae, dating back to pre-Christian days. Join Andarta for a class and ritual on faerie magick! Learn how to communicate and work with the Fae, as well as why the human/faerie connection is important.

Household Magick


Many of us would wish for a magical household, such as the Weasley abode in the Harry Potter series, with magical brooms and self-cleaning pots and pans. While that form of magical home resides within fiction, there are many magickal practices that you can perform to ensure a happy and safe household, regardless of whether you live in a house or apartment. Join Andarta for a class on household magick! Learn how to put protective wards and webs around your home, explore magickal cooking, as well as the spiritual aspects of gardening. Make sure to bring something to bring for note-taking, as well as a special stone or candle to charge for your own household.

Shielding and Aura Magick

If you are an Empath and have problems being around people’s negative energy, learn how to shield yourself, as well as how to alter your aura. You are welcome to bring a stone of protection. Many people are not even aware how other’s energies affect them, and this can cause depression, anxiety, and a constant change in jobs. Learn how to protect yourself outside of your home so that you are not afraid to be around other people!

Advanced Astral Travel

There is a pre-requisit for this class! You must take Shielding and Aura Magick prior to taking this advanced class on astral travel and journeywork! Learn techniques and safety on how to have your spirit leave your body for short periods of time, in order to travel astral space! You are welcome to bring your own pillows and blankets, as well as your journal.

Guardians of the Forest

This class will start in the Psychic Healers of Avalon office, and then proceed to a nearby park to work with the energies and entities of the land. The focus of this class is to connect more with these spirits and energies, in order to become a Guardian of the Forest! Bring a journal and any questions you may have!

Basic Dreamwork

Our dreams can contain messages from our Spirit Guides, as well as revealing our past lives. This basic class will look at interpretations of dreams, as well as how to do lucid dreaming.

Ancestor Magick

Learn how to work with your ancestors as Spirit Guides with Andarta! Whether you are adopted, estranged, or associated with your blood family, you can honor and work with these spirits. You will learn more about yourself when you examine your own DNA!

Basic Shamanism

Shamanism has been found throughout the world, in all different ancient cultures. Learn the basics of what it means to be a shaman, and how to practice shamanism on your own. Andarta has been practicing shamanism for over 20 years, focusing mostly on the ancient Celtic path. 

Basic Astrology

The stars, moon phases, and the sun all affect us as a collective and individually. Learn about the basics of astrology with Andarta during this one hour class!  

Irish Deities

Join Andarta to learn about the various Irish Gods and Goddesses! We will have a meditation, as well as a discussion on creating an altar to work with these Deities.