Greetings everyone, I am a high priestess who performs legal handfastings and non-traditional marriages. If you are needing someone to officiate your wedding, just contact me with the date and general idea of the wedding (you can check my public calendar on my Facebook page to see if I am available on that day prior to messaging me: https://www.facebook.com/DenofAndarta/events?key=events&ref=page_internal).

My standard rate for a handfasting or wedding is $250 plus mileage for the location of the handfasting which is 10 miles or more from the Psychic Healers of Avalon office.

Please note: I will not do handfastings up in the mountains between October and April, as this is always chancy due to the weather. I will be happy to do a handfasting in the Denver Metro area during these months.

Larry and Stephanie

We will need to meet at least two months prior to your ceremony to iron out what you want in your ritual, as well as to pay the $50 non-refundable deposit (this secures the date for your wedding). I create the cord based on the three colors that you want within your cord, and I charge the cord and the unity candle the full moon prior to your ceremony. The final $200 will be paid at the rehearsal or, if there is no rehearsal, before the ceremony itself so that once the ceremony is done, you can enjoy the rest of the time with your family and friends without me having to bug you to find your check book! I also meet with the two people who are getting handfasted or married prior to the ceremony (usually separately if they wish) and help with a quick meditation to ground you. I have found that this help with the nerves and gets you focused for your very special ritual! I also arrive at the space the ritual will be held at least 2 hours prior to the ritual, in order to cleanse the space and get everything set up for the ceremony. If you are interested in me performing your handfasting or wedding, contact me today!


House Blessings and Cleansings

House blessings for any homes 1,500 square foot or smaller (simple cleansing of the basic energy in your house, and then putting of protection up around your house) will be $150 + mileage if over 10 miles away from the office.

House cleansings for any homes 1,500 square foot or smaller (intense cleansing, especially if there is a negative entity within the home, and then putting of protection up) will be $300 + mileage if over 10 miles away from the office.



Babies are truly a celebration of life, and I very much enjoy performing Wiccanings (or alternate baby blessings). I use water from the Chalice Well in Sommerset, UK when I perform a wiccaning, as well as other ways of blessings the child and placing protection upon her or him. I charge $150 per baby blessing ritual plus mileage for any place over 10 miles from the office.



As with the honoring and blessing of births and marriages, I also honor and bless those who have crossed over. I perform funerals in either a pagan or non-traditional rite to celebrate the life of your loved one who has died. I ask for an honorarium of between $100-300.


Reiki Healing

I perform Reiki energy healing to both people and pets, and help to align your chakras. Reiki is an energy healing that cleanses negative energies within your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced. I also teach Reiki classes to attune others to this path. Rates: 60 minutes is $150, 75 minutes is $175, and 90 minutes is $200 for humans, and $50 for 30 minutes for pets.

Large Group Motivational Speaking Events

Andarta has more than 18 years of public speaking experience, and she can talk about various topics which a large group may be desiring. Talks can range from self-healing, to raising positive energy, to getting out of negative relationships. Contact Andarta to discuss rates and topics.