These are my latest creations, and I am very excited at how they are turning out! These are spell kits that contain various herbs and resin that are specifically mixed for that type of spell. The spell is written on the front of the envelope, and you read the spell 3 or 9 times. It is best to toss the envelope on a fire, either in a fireplace or fire pit, but if you don’t have one of these to use, you can use the handmade tea light candle that comes with the kit to light it and then put it in something that can hold the fire, such as a grill. You need to do this in a place with good ventilation, as the kit will smoke a lot. Make sure birds, animals, and children will not be exposed to the vast amount of smoke for their safety. Once the envelope is on fire, visualize your spell coming true–really see yourself receiving whatever the energy is that you are sending out to the Multiverse. Each spell kit is $15.

Happiness and Peace Spell Kit: This is used for having happy, positive people around you. It promotes peace, happiness, and friendship!


House Cleansing and Purification Spell Kit: This is used to clean out negative energy, as well as any negative spirits that are causing problems in the home.


Justice Magick Spell Kit: This is used to help win any court cases you may have going on, or simply to seek justice in your own life.


Love Magick Spell Kit: This kit is used to draw love into your life, or to enhance the relationship that you are already in.

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Healing Magick Spell Kit: This kit is good for helping yourself or someone else heal (in addition to medical supervision, of course!). I have put a space in the spell for you to either say “me” or the person you are trying to heal.


Prosperity Spell Kit: this kit is used to draw money and abundance into your life!


Dreamwork Spell Kit: This kit will assist you in getting into a deep sleep and having dreams that will be messages from your Spirit Guides.


Psychic Enhancement Spell Kit: This spell kit is to help you increase your psychic abilities that you already have, as well as one that you are working on attaining.

Vocal Courage Spell Kit: This spell kit helps you when you have a big presentation, or you just need to learn how to speak up and stand your ground!