Greetings everyone, one of my crafts is creating ritual and anointing oils for everyday or ritual use. I will be posting all of the oils as I create them, and you can just let me know how much you want of each scent. Each oil is $10 per dram. Blessings, Andarta


Strength of Being: this is a very powerful oil that helps with confidence and feeling strong within yourself, especially for interviews, auditions, and any time you have to stand up for yourself. I have had many clients who have depression have great success with this oil, for it helps to center oneself.


Chief Kicking Bird: this oil helps with connecting the throat, heart, and solar plexis chakras. It is named after a very important Native American chief who had the courage (solar plexis) to voice (throat) what he feels is right for his people (heart).

 Prosperity: if you are having troubles making ends meet, use this oil on a candle and write out the amount of money you need to earn or raise. Of course, the more money you need (not want), the more energy you need to put into this candle magic. Make sure to follow the “and it harms none” rule!

 Dark Huntress: this oil help you to connect with the Dark Mother Goddess, which often comes in the form of a Dark Huntress. Goddesses such as Mielikki and Kali are examples of this type of deity. 


Lightening Changes: This oil is fantastic for needing a quick change in your life–finding a new home, new job, or if you just feel stuck in the mud and wanting a new beginning at this new year. The card is from the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews.

Banishing: please note–this oil is not to be applied to skin or consumed! This oil is used primarily with anointing candles or applying to doors and windows, in order to banish negative energies and people from your home. If you need to banish something not at your home, you can apply to a black candle and write the name down on a piece of paper.


Yule: this refreshing oil is fabulous for bringing in the pagan new year with love, strength, and healing.

New Beginnings: this light oil is fantastic for starting over with new job, new home, or new relationship. This works great at the New Moon. The card is from the Manga Tarot deck by Riccardo Minetti.

Shadows: a dark, sweet oil that is used for helping with the healing process of looking at ones shadows. This can also be used for Dark Moon rituals.

Priestess: this is an oil used by any priestess for ritual purposes, as well as to tap into the Feminine Divine energy.

 Priest: this is a ritual oil used by any priest, as well as to connect with the Masculine Divine energy. Card is from the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews.


Faerie Magick: this is a fun oil which helps you to connect better with the Fae! You can anoint candles in any ritual concerning the Fae, or bless any faerie figurine with it.

Fire Lust: a spicy, sensuous oil that is used to heighten your passion! If you are looking for a lover, anoint a red candle and send out that energy to the Multiverse!

Love: use this oil to either find the love of your life or to enhance the love you already have! This was created with the long term relationship in mind.


Inspiration: this oil is to help you draw out creative ideas from within your true self. Whether you like to paint, write, sew, or carve wood, we all have our passions which often are forgotten because of our mundane lives. Anoint a candle or even use as a perfume to inspire your true self to create!

Healing of Avalon:  the chakra which this oil focuses upon is the heart chakra. It is a very sweet and refreshing scent, reflecting the healing qualities of the priestesses of the Avalon, as well as the mystical beings which are associated with the Isle of Apples.

Dragon’s Descent: this oil helps you to connect with Dragon energy! Use this in any ritual where you call upon the Dragons, or to enhance your Dragon altar. I created this oil before visiting Ireland, and it was used as an offering there.

Protection of Bran: call upon the protection of the Welsh Warrior God Bran, and He will ensure that you are safe. Not to be used in place of common sense, such as locking doors! The card is from the Arthurian Tarot deck by Caitlin and John Matthews. 


Coventina’s Well: this powdery-sweet oil combines lavender, Rosemary, and other scents to help with anxiety and panic attacks. Coventina is an ancient Celtic Goddess who had a well for offerings along Hadrian’s wall, and She was called upon for prosperity and healing. This oil calms and slows the heart rate when feeling anxious.


Blodeuwedd’s Blessing: This oil is light and springy, like the Maiden Goddess Blodeuwedd from the Welsh pantheon. This oil specifically is empowering for young girls and women, giving them confidence in themselves enough to not fall as much into peer pressure.


Beltaine: This sensual oil was created for the major pagan holiday, Beltaine, which is a fertility rite. This oil can be used anytime to heighten passion and sexuality.


Epona’s Herd: This oil was requested by one of my clients who has several horses that she wanted to be more in harmony. This oil was for horses, but it can be used for any type of animals that you want to get along better.


Awen: This oil is named Awen, which is the inspirational energy that influences everyone, but especially Bards. It also is the energy lines which connect us all together. This oil is fantastic for creating new ideas and being energized in your life.