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Andarta has been a High Priestess and Druidess who works with various ancient goddesses for almost 30 years. She is currently working on a two-part book series on ancient goddesses, and these classes are directly coming from her studies and writings!

Goddesses of Love, Sexuality, and Beauty

Learn how to love and pamper yourself through honoring the many goddesses of Love and Beauty! Join Andarta for her fourth goddess class, this one concerning these feminine deities of love and beauty. Aphrodite, Isis, and Parvati are just a few of the ancient goddesses we will be examining, in order for you to learn how to work with them in your own life!

Goddesses of Peace

Join Andarta for this class on various goddesses around the world, specifically concerning the Goddesses of Peace, Harmony, and Happiness! Learn about these various deities and how to work with them in your own lives. 

Goddesses of Justice

Learn about the different ancient Goddesses of Justices from around the world, as well as how to honor and work with them for any injustices in your life! Dike, Ma’at, and Var are just a few of the goddesses that we will discuss in this class, and we will also have a ritual invoking these ancient goddesses

Goddesses of War

This class will examine some of the goddesses of war found throughout the world in various cultures, and how to work with them. The Morrighan, Athena, and Anat are but a few of the goddesses we will examine, and I have been working with these goddesses of war for 24 years. We will have a meditation, so you are welcome to bring your own pillow or blanket.