Smudging Fan

I just finished making this smudging fan, and it is for sale for $50. It is made out of feathers from rescued exotic birds (Hyacinth Macaw (very rare and expensive on their own), Blue and Gold Macaw, and Umbrella Cockatoo feathers), and I put Lapis Lazuli and Moonstones on it. You fan whatever you are using to smudge (this can be sage, lavender, or any other non-toxic herbs) around your house or business to cleanse the air. Perfect for the purification of Imbolc! (Please note, if you have birds, do not smudge around them at all, as the smoke can kill them!) blessings, Andarta


Fertility Charm

I made some mojo bags for sale–these are for fertility. They have various crystals, herbs, roots, and oil inside them, as well as being charged with Reiki. They are $20 each and are available in the office (I can also mail them).

Protection Charms

These charms will help protect you past the common sense actions of locking doors and staying in safe spaces. $20 each.