Reading Black and White

I perform tarot readings for people, in order to give information on the current happenings in their lives. I also use my pendulum to get more clarification on specific questions, as well as use my clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities. If any past loved ones come through, I give them that information as well, but that does not always happen. Tarot readings are $75 for half an hour and $150 for an hour. I can perform these readings in person, over the phone, or through email.

I also do parties! If you are having a gathering (fun for a bachelorette party!), I can come to your party and do small readings for each person there. I charge $150 an hour and can do 10 or 15 minute readings per person throughout each hour! Contact me to get your party booked today!

Past life regressions are scheduled for at least an hour session, and these are done only in person. Regressions are specifically to help people heal themselves and possibly any karmic issues they may be having in this current life. The hour session is $150.

Shamanic journey work is another service I perform when a client is needing help to communicate with their personal spirit guides but are not having any luck on their own. I go to that client’s place of power and speak with their spirit guides to find out what they are needing help with to communicate better. The hour session is $150.

Tarot Face